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Robocity 15th Anniversary 2009
One more year has passed, and once again I'm sitting here, writing up words to celebrate the Anniversary of my city. My Robocity. Yes, mine. It's not a surprise, after all, that I feel Robocity as mine: every Robocitan does. Because that we are: Robocitans. This place has one particular magic, that of mingling our feelings into one only, letting everyone's heart become Robocity's heart, and viceversa. My soul is Robocity's soul.
Not just a place to live in, then. Robocity is not just an object set in a space-time continuity; Robocity is an ideal, a soul, an experience that teaches its disciples the truth behind the words "life" and "love". I know for granted, that if I was raised and grow up in another place of this planet, I wouldn't be the person I am nowadays. If I know what respecting life means, if I believe that peace is what every people need, if I do my best to help others every day, every moment of my life... I owe it to Robocity
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Portray of a Robocitan
When people say 'Robocitan' they immediately put a picture together in their minds, a picture that inspires trustworthiness and friendliness: a picture of an Experimental Robot. Doesn't matter who the robot is, if it's a Leader's face or that of an ordinary citizen of Robocity: people associate Robocity with Experimental Robots. In a way, that would be true, since upon its foundation, our city was inhabited of Exp. Robots only. BUT. With the years passing, Robocity has began to get intercultural and not so one-faced anymore. Military Robots, humans and ordinary robots of any kind have come to live here, becoming active part of our society. Thus, the simplistic equation of Robocity = Exp. Robots has no meaning anymore. And even with that, outsiders still make that kind of association (and mistake).
So, how could we possibly define a Robocity citizen? A Robocitan, as we have come to call ourselves? It surely isn't easy to answer
:iconraynerrc:RaynerRC 2 1
Don't call me Dorian
Sometimes I wonder why my mom named me Dorian as a middle name. I mean, why a middle name in the first place? Wasn’t Rayner enough? No, she had to put her human footprint on my persona. Well, screw it, she could have chosen a better name. I hate to be called Dorian, and I thank the skies that she’s the the only one to call me that. She named me Dorian because that’s her favorite book protagonist’s name, in “The Picture of Dorian Gray“. To her misfortune, I highly despise that book, and I despise the protagonist even more. A character that’s so full of himself, so persuaded that the only thing that counts in life is physical appearance and the fulfillment of the senses, and trust me, I’m nothing like that, nothing at all. So I’m no Dorian, I’m no hedonist, and it hurts me deeply that my mother keeps reminding me of him each time she calls me that. I don’t want to be called that! Please mom, dad, ev
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Ratch and little Socket - GIFT by RaynerRC Ratch and little Socket - GIFT :iconraynerrc:RaynerRC 4 4
My best friend Lift Aid
My best friend is still a baby. Yah. Well, a toddler. His name is Lift Aid Resfire.
Our friendship began by case, last summer. I was sitting under a tree playing PSP in the park of Robocity. Then suddenly I saw this little 2 years old red and white robot approaching me, and asking: “Why are you so alone?
I almost startled, but then I saw it was just a kid and told him: “Well, I don’t have many friends…” (which was true, back then). So the child asked: “Can I be your friend?”
I was happy that someone wanted to be my friend, so I said yes :3 Then he took my hand and led me to a corner of the park, where a little bird was lying under the grass almost dead. He asked me if I could help the little animal, so I ran home to take my dad’s medical kit and came back to heal the bird.
Lift Aid was so happy about it and he hugged me all day. XD Then I met his dad and I stayed over for dinner :3 It was all so sweet!
:iconraynerrc:RaynerRC 3 4
Robocity 14th Anniversary 2008
Today’s February 15th of 2008. Fourteen years have passed since Robocity was built to give refuge to abandoned robots. I wasn’t even born, back then, but this is my city, this is the world I learned to love and appreciate, a place I feel I belong to. Today’s the 14th Anniversary of the Foundation of Robocity, and I’m just a five years old child. I wish I was born far before 2002, so to see it grow, but this didn’t happen, so I can only share what my few years of life let me share.
Robocity is famous between outsiders. People (humans) come over to visit almost every day, some of them are scared by the sight of so many robots, some are fascinated by what we managed to build here, and our peaceful lifestyle. Yeah, Robocity is well known as the “city of peace”. Never thought differently about it, that’s what we try to live in everyday: PEACE. But Robocity is not a paradise. Oh no! Not at all. It’s not a place where you can find eternal happiness
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Meron's Mother
Delicate flower that never dies
Not even when the fatal day will come
Because always will live into her son’s
:iconraynerrc:RaynerRC 8 21
Robocity 13th Anniversary Poem
You surround me with your motherly arms
You gift me any day with innocent joy
You keep me safe against any harms
Your teach me that a friend is more precious than a toy.
You are Robocity, the place where I was born
Teaching me how life can be more painful than a torn
Sometimes… but I never loose the hope and the love
Because those are the only forces that make Life move.
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RaynerRC's Profile Picture
Rayner Dorian Allen
Current Residence: Robocity
Favourite genre of music: pop an' rock
Operating System: Linux Ubuntu
Favourite cartoon character: Doc (Cars), Golia (Gargoyles), Mumble (Happy Feet)
Personal Quote: Be yourself and ya'll rule the world x3
I, Rayner Dorian Allen, am the official Robocity presence on DeviantART! =D

That rocks my socks, guys, and even my boots, if you ask me.

This is what the new Robocity Leaders (we had elections in April this year!) mailed to me:

Dear Rayner D. Allen,

We have looked up Robocity contents all over DeviantART to see how our presence was faring on the artist network, and we were very pleased with the work you did along these six years. You put Robocity in a good light with your Deviations and Journal entries, so I hope you will be happy to accept our invitation to make your account as the official Robocity presence on DeviantART and the nomination of Assistant for the quinquennial 2014-2019.

Please, help us help Robocity grow and thrive!

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

- Talla Netteri
- Sohan Adams
- Sentinel Jet Flighter.

... How could I say 'no' to THAT? Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6]  *happy happy happy*


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